WOW Weekend Cama-i 2014

For the third year Drews Foundation hosted A Place of Memory at the Cama-i Dance Festival. As has happened the past two years there were tears, smiles, hugs, thoughts, and so many other emotions connected with healing and remembering. By Sunday the emotional and spiritual energy in the room was so strong.
This year I was joined in the room by a very remarkable woman and three extraordinary young ladies from the Tanana 4-H Club. This is a group of empowered young people who are “Breaking the Silence” and talking about what they hate in their lives. (Abuse, neglect, alcohol and drugs, sexual assault and molestation, suicide, bullying and more) and what they love and how they would change things. Arriving on Wednesday they went right to work presenting at Bethel Jr/Sr High School health and PE classes. This continued thru Thursday and Friday . Friday afternoon, along with the TAAV (Teens Acting Against Violence) kids, they helped set up the Memory Room. Throughout the weekend they connected with young people from around the Delta. It was truly inspiring to watch, listen and learn. Please watch their u-tube video at Tanana 4-H Breaking the Silence.
I want to thank these young people and their leader Cynthia Erikson for an awesome job. Thanks to the TAAV kids for their great help. Every year they step up, do a wonderful job and make my work easier. Thanks to John Wallace for his continuing tech support and to Linda Curda who gave me permission to start this three years ago and who now is such a big supporter. Thanks to all those who visit the room-you are why we do this.

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