Suicide is Never the Answer PSA

Closed Captioned Version Available Here

Download the Full Version Here – (Zipped File – HD Copy Downloadable)

After many twists and turns, changes in focus and format, lots of stress and lots of positive energy and encouragement, our PSA is ready for release at a Bethel High School assembly on Wed, 28 Jan.  We learned many lessons, took some lumps, made and corrected errors, didn’t correct errors, maintained our friendships and ultimately ended up with a powerful message about suicide.  This sounds like what might have occured with a full length movie, not a one minute PSA.  Trust me, as a beginning effort it felt like full length.  So much thanks to all of you who listened to me, smiled and said keep going.  I really can’t fully  express my appreciation.  Everyone that contributed the smallest bit was as important as the largest bit.

Special thanks to Donlin Gold, Bethel SAIPH Coalition, Don Reardon and John Wallace.  Donlin and SAIPH for the money.  We have some left and will produce another effort.  Don for the story and John for tying the bits and pieces together. I owe you both big time.  Thanks to Pete Kaiser and Mike Williams Jr.  for their time and commitment to the issue as a whole.  Thanks to Katie, Donna and Meghan for unending support and always having words of encouragement.  Luigi for great film work.  Julian for starting the process.  Thanks to my son Drew for always looking out for me from the other side.

This is very personal for me and I stressed, cried, got pissed, laughed, mediated, and finally took a big sigh of relief.  Thanks again to each and everyone of you.

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