Never forgetting

4 years ago today my son took his life. I don’t nor will I ever know what was going through his mind. I have my thoughts and opinions but those do nothing to lessen my sense of loss. This is the first anniversary of his death that I have actually felt some peace and acceptance. I didn’t spend the day in tears though I can say, I will spend those days in the future. Something will happen, a thought will cross my mind, a memory will flash, and the tears will come. Because every day I ask why. Every day. Not once in a while, every day. I think I’m identical to every parent in my position. We miss our child. Our outward grief may be subdued and we may seem fine but inside we grieve and hurt and long for those touches and smiles and arguments and things that made life —life.
If ever you think someone or no one cares I will line up people for miles that do care. That will suffer till the end of time missing you. Please, if you feel alone, hopeless, at the end of your rope, call someone. You matter. If to no one you can think of then to me. Every life has purpose. Find yours.

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