Kaiser Racing Sponsorship Continues


For the 4th consecutive year Drew’s Foundation is able to be a major sponsor of Pete Kaiser and Kaiser Racing.  Pete continues to to “live his dream” and to promote suicide awareness across the YK Delta and the State of Alaska. We are proud to include Pete in our group of young people living positive life styles and making a difference in their communities.
Our heartfelt and continued gratitude go out to Chad Moore at Specialty Supply for selflessly supporting Drew’s Foundation and making our donation possible. Thanks also to AML for their freight contribution in getting the dogfood to Bethel.

Our region has experienced an increased number of suicides this past summer and fall.  We all need to reach out to those around us and offer support and a caring attitude.  I implore especially young people to look out for each other.  You know who is hurting.  I think we all know the “signs”.  Let’s read them and take action.


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