Calista announces shareholder awards

Drew’s Foundation is proud to be the recipient of the Calista Community Service Award. Our thanks to Calista for the recognition and the cash award. We are very happy for this pat on the back. Thanks again Calista.  Having received a pat on the back I would like to give some.
Special thanks to John Wallace who put this website together and makes it run.  He does this selflessly.  So appreciated.
Thanks to my friend and mentor Meghan Crow for keeping me on track and always offering support.
To Donna Bach for coming thru on the last minute of the last day when I just have to have it.  She makes things happen.
To my two heros and inspiration, Barbara Franks and Cynthia Erikson.  These ladies do so much.  They truely care about people.  And they just ROCK.

Finally thanks to my wife who comforts me when I need it, directs me if I need it or not, and stays by my side.  And my daughters who remind me each day how important our children are.  Thanks all of you.

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