For our family the New Year brings hope and expectation as it does for most families. For us it also brings an anniversary. Three years ago this coming night our son took his life. This fact never leaves us nor does a day go by that its not thought about. And in 3 more days we will have the anniversary of when he was found and we got that phone call. These anniversaries will continue and with them the memories and yes the pain will return. As each one in our family deals with these dates in their own way we draw on our love for each other and our bonds as a family.

As the New Year begins take your strength, your smiles, your helping hands, and share them. Offer them to someone who seems to be in need. You will rarely be wrong.
And if you are low, depressed, in pain, or seeing no way out, call someone. Talk to someone. Stop for just a moment and reach out. Someone loves you, someone wants to help. Suicide is never the answer. Peace in the coming year.

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